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US sanctions Russias fifth-largest bank, what would be an equal response?

Russia retaliated for US sanctions today but it’s unclear if that was in retaliation for the first round of sanctions or the second round. The individual sanctions are a joke but sanctions against a bank could have some real effects. … Continue reading

Now it’s the euro’s turn to surge as USD sellers dominate

EURUSD offers at 1.3650 now history in a sudden surge higher. Add: US bank noted driving the price through Stops triggered  and now looking to chew through next batch of offers between 1.3670-1.3700. Not hearing/seeing reasons for move but it … Continue reading

Citi sticking with EUR/USD longs

Analysts at Citi continues to affirm a recommendation from last week for EUR/USD longs. With today’s rebound, the trade is essentially flat. They have a target of 1.3711 (potentially 1.40+) with a stop at 1.3385. They cited a fresh factor … Continue reading

ECB’s Asmussen says don’t rule out another Lehman event

There’s a lower probability but can’t rule out another Lehman Regulatory reform not finished yet Investors trust returning to the market, return of trust doesn’t mean Europe can relax Non-residents hold 35% of Spanish gov bonds US money-market funds raised … Continue reading

US Bank Closures Reach 22 In 2013 As Regulators Close Two Banks

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. or FDIC, announced Friday the shuttering of two banks, one each in Connecticut and Texas, taking the count of total U.S. bank closures in 2013 to 22, after 51 in 2012, 92 in 2011 and the 157 bank closures in 2010.

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